Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – Premium Ceremonial Grade – USDA Organic Antioxidant, Best Detox&Tonic, Increases Energy&Focus – 100% Pure Matcha, No Coloring Added, 1 oz for 15 Servings

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Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – Premium Ceremonial Grade – USDA Organic Antioxidant, Best Detox&Tonic, Increases Energy&Focus – 100% Pure Matcha, No Coloring Added, 1 oz for 15 Servings

Gekirei Japanese matcha green tea powder is high-quality, natural, ecologically clean tea leaves, ground into a fine powder. Our best matcha tea is made in Japan and has a USDA Organic certificate. Matcha green tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than similar green teas, 70 times more than orange juice, and promotes improved health. It enhances the work of the immune system thanks to probiotics, which encourage calorie burning and active weight loss. Besides antioxidants, the organic matcha green tea powder contains many catechins, chlorophylls, vitamins and microelements (calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and so on). Thanks to the high content of useful substances, this drink has been considered to be one of the most useful for more than 900 years. Organic matcha is the best cosmetic product created by nature, and is known to improve face skin conditions and cure different skin illnesses: various dermatitis ailments, acne, and sunburns. Consuming one cup of matcha a day equals 10 cups of a high-quality green tea – that’s why it’s recommended as a morning energizing drink. Gekirei powdered green tea comes in a double package which keeps the product fresh. The volume is 1 oz, which equals nearly 30 portions of tea. How to make matcha green tea?To make the healthiest green tea, put a half of teaspoon of powder into a cup. To get a better consistency you can use a sieve for bolting the tea powder. Add the water (nearly ¼ of a cup), warmed up to 175°F (it’s better not to boil the water), then whip with a special tea bamboo whisk until a light foam appears. Save money with us! There’s a “subscribe & save” service available for this product – subscribe for the monthly delivery of the best matcha tea and receive a discount.

Come Discover The Benefits Of Taking Matcha Tea.
Matcha tea is one of the several types of tea that are usually related to weight loss, but matcha has many more benefits beyond that.

It consists of green tea, originating in Japan, and is presented as a greenish powder.

Teas are great allies of weight loss. For a long time, one of the most consumed to reach this goal was the green tea, due to its thermogenic properties, that is, of accelerated metabolism.

Matcha, as well as green tea and black tea, is extracted from the camellia Sinensis plant. The difference between the types of teas extracted from this same plant are elements such as the fermentation and maturation of the leaves. Matcha is obtained from the younger leaves of green tea, which originate from protected plantings of the sun exposure. After collection, the leaves are crushed very slowly in a stone mill, until they are reduced to powder.

The powder is more concentrated than the other teas coming from the camellia Sinensis, that is, it enables faster results. In addition to helping with weight loss, matcha has other positive effects on the body, such as lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cancer, among others.

Come learn more about matcha tea, how this helps in the slimming process and know the other benefits it can have for your body!


Best Matcha Tea is The organic Matcha green tea powder : benefits beyond weight loss
Among the most diverse types of teas, organic Matcha green tea powder is already well known and appreciated for its benefits, both in terms of weight loss and its health properties. Like white, oblong, black and red teas, organic match a green tea powder is extracted from Camellia insistent, a plant native to China, rich in nutrients, especially antioxidant substances that are responsible for most of its benefits. Check out what organic Matcha green tea powder serves, benefits, how to make and more!