Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic, Perfect for Matcha Lattes, Smoothies, Baking, Premium Culinary Grade, 100gms (3.5oz)

Product Description

r Organic, Perfect for Matcha Lattes, Smoothies, Baking, Premium Culinary Grade, 100gms (3.5oz)

Eating clean and healthy is not easy… we get it. Live.Love.Matcha. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder makes it fun and easy with several options on how you would like to consume it! Enjoy it in your morning smoothies or lattes, or add it to your baked goods i.e muffins, cookies, bars for that daily health boost! It contains 137x more EGCg than regular brewed green tea! That’s an arsenal of antioxidants supporting your health and weight loss! It is a great alternative, well, a BETTER alternative to coffee because of the myriad of benefits it provides! It provides you with a calm energy and wakefulness without the jitters! We are absolutely positive that you will love it, or your money back! The people behind Live.Love.Matcha., take great pride in only manufacturing premium, high quality, Matcha Green Tea Powder. Live.Love.Matcha. Premium Culinary Grade Matcha is 100% certified USDA Organic, All Natural, lead, pesticide, and radiation free and comes in a BPA-FREE Packaging with a resealable pouch. A Little About Our Manufacturer: We believe that the body is our most priceless possession. Being healthy shouldn’t be a trend or a fad, it should be a lifestyle. With this principle in mind, it is only right that we partner with a supplier that we can trust and who values the same principle. It is of utmost importance that we provide our customers the highest quality in organic products with the highest level of nutrients. We harvest our matcha powder from the mountain regions of China, very far from any smog, pollution, and any traces of radiation. Their tea plantations are strictly controlled, lab tested for chemicals and heavy metals, organic certified, and visited by international clients yearly to ensure the highest quality and purity of the tea. Packed with all the nutritional benefits just for you, we are sure you will love Live.Love.Matcha. as much as we do!