Green tea extract Lowering blood lipids

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Green tea extract Lowering blood lipids In menopausal women.

Green tea extract Lowering blood lipids In menopausal women.
Behind the research is quite a lot. And the scientist I talked a lot. The properties of green tea. To reduce blood lipids.
But even with the reduction in blood lipids, green tea does not reduce blood lipids. In all men who are menopausal.
This is where the trend of personalized nutrition begins to grow. Because of the same nutritional supplement, the same properties, but the results are different for each person.
Ask how to know. That extract of green tea or herbal or other supplements. What are the properties of blood lipid reduction that will suit us? Eat and then really work.
I first answer that I know why I do not know because research papers are reported only to be collected to be applied only. This is very rare. Because it’s hard enough, but I do it and gather it for a long time.
Here in the future, the herbs or supplements of One size Fit All (the only one sold to everyone) will start out from the market.
Effects of green tea catechin extract on serum lipids in postmenopausal women: a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Published in the American Journal of Medicine for Nutrition

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