iMatcha Prestige Single Serve Cups (18 Count) – Organic Ceremonial S Grade Matcha – USDA Organic

Product Description

Single Serve Cups (18 Count) – Organic Ceremonial S Grade Matcha – USDA Organic

iMatcha Prestige Single Serve Cups, Begin your day with a rejuvenating cup of iMatcha Prestige. A sophisticated taste that is smoother and richer than our original iMatcha. Light and refreshing, this delicately fragrant 100% organic ceremonial S grade Japanese matcha is a first harvest tea – hand picked, further sorted and selected again based on the best color vibrance, depth of flavor and aroma. Carefully and slowly stone milled, this time-honored process produces a refined and untarnished powder of the highest quality. Only select private tea estates in the Uji region of Japan are able to produce this very special proprietary blend of multiple small production and volume matcha reserved for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Thick and concentrated, this luxuriously flavored green tea inspires focus and tranquility. Once prepared, it is consumed in its entirety. *COMPATIBLE WITH MOST KEURIG® K-CUP® BREWING SYSTEMS INCLUDING 2.0 Serving Suggestions: • Add ice for an instant iced matcha green tea • Try with vanilla creamer for a delightful matcha latte • Blend with ice for an invigorating matcha green tea smoothie Flavor Profile: Aroma: Fresh, woody Body: Bold, powerful, clean Taste: Smooth, creamy, long finish with a vegetal flavor and hints of vanilla, almond and ginger Color: Bright key lime green